5 things that have recently made me happy #4

A trip to London. Although I wouldn’t want to live in London anymore, I do like daytrips to the city I called home for so long. I enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, the buskers, the mixture of old and new, and the sheer endless choice of things to do. Being in London will always feel familiar and comfortable for me, and I think since I moved away, I can appreciate the city’s quirks and characteristics a lot more.

A wardrobe clearout. Feeling rejuvenated and ready for a new year, I did the most ruthless wardrobe clearout I have ever done. I usually do these every few months or so, and every time I umm and ahh about what to keep and what to donate or chuck away, but not this time. Everything I hadn’t worn in ages had to go – and it felt so good!

A step in the right direction. My one goal for this year is to live outside my comfort zone, and I’ve been taking babysteps towards it already. I did a photoshoot with the lovely Ali Hemsley (photos coming up in the next post!), sorted more things over the phone, and went to the cinema all by myself. None of these might be big steps to anyone else but for me, they show me what I am capable of and how much more I can and will achieve in 2018.

A change in mindset. I don’t write about my mental health very much anymore, I suppose it’s because there haven’t been many updates to chat about. It still fluctuates, I certainly have my ups and occasionally very low downs but all in all, I am trying to live with a more positive mindset. Certain aspects in life are currently bugging me a lot and more often than I’d like to admit do I let them drag me down, but with a new year and a relaxing couple of weeks away over Christmas and New Years, I am really trying to regain my positivity, accept the things I cannot change and make an effort to work on the things I can.

A rediscovery. I’ve been rediscovering a lot of music I used to love but haven’t listened to in absolutely ages, and that in itself makes me happy.


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