5 things that have recently made me happy. #5


I skipped the February edition for this segment, simply because sometimes, it’s really bloody hard to focus on the positives. Absolutely nothing stood out to me as worth mentioning. However, I have recently been trying to reinforce more positivity and gratefulness into my life, hence why I’m back with another five things that have recently made me happy!


Let’s Dance is back! It’s the German version of Strictly Come Dancing (or Dancing with the Stars, if you’re in the US), and it’s always been one of my favourite shows. You may know that I’ve been a dancer since I was four years old, and even though it had to take a backseat over the last couple of years (which I am planning to change!), it’s still one of the things I am most passionate about.

This dance routine. Staying on the topic of dance, sometimes I come across a routine which just absolutely blows me away. I actually found this via the ‘Explore’ page on Instagram and completely fell in love. Chachi used to be one of my favourite dancers, so it’s nice seeing her in a new routine.

Getting my nails done. Something as simple as this can sometimes make the biggest difference. Recently, I went for matte black nails (see photo above) and they make me feel infinitely more badass than I actually am!

A new tattoo. With an undying love for Alice in Wonderland, it’s surprising that I hadn’t got a related tattoo yet. But in February, I finally went to see one of my favourite tattoo artists ever, Gee Hawkes, and got the most perfect Alice in Wonderland tattoo done. I am absolutely in love and can’t wait for Gee to open her books again so that I can book more appointments in with her!

Warmer temperatures. Within the last week or so, we’ve had a couple of days where the sun was shining, temperatures were nearing (or reaching!) two digit figures, and spring was in the air. It immediately put me in a fantastic mood and got me super excited for the upcoming months. I am a lover of autumn and Christmas, but come January and I, too, get affected by the blues. I can’t wait for spring to roll ’round and grace us with blossoms, iced coffees and strolls in the sunshine.


’til next time x


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