A year ago today: the 3-day-birthday bash!

It’s my birthday today!

And shock horror, it was also my birthday the same day last year.
Now technically, this is not just “a year ago today” but rather a “a year ago yesterday, today and tomorrow” because I went all out last year.

I thought I should do something special for my birthday seeing that I was living in London and who knew when would be the next time I’d get to spend my birthday there. So my boyfriend and myself started on the 24th by joining one of my housemates and his colleagues for a bar crawl around East London. Not a lot of photos were taken… we barely made it to midnight to actually celebrate the beginning of my birthday since most pubs had already closed and, well, we also managed to somehow drink a lot more than any of us anticipated.

BUT being the warriors that we are, we were up & ready early in the morning for work! I also had one of my friends from Germany coming over for the weekend so I was extra excited. I picked him up from the train station, brought him back to mine and went straight to work.

There was cake and celebrations and a very special delivery for me, brought to me by no other than my lovely boyfriend himself.

As I previously mentioned, I am obsessed with pink sweets, especially donuts and cupcakes, so these meant more to me than they would to most people. He stayed for a while but then obviously had to go back to work and so did I.

At 6pm sharp, one of my colleagues and me made our way to Temple where we met up with my boyfriend and my friend from Germany. I had booked a table at Walkabout which is genuinely one of the coolest places ever, it’s an Australian themed bar which on Fridays and Saturdays turns into a club later into the night. One by one, we were joined by a couple of more friends.



It was this lovely game in particular that brought us much joy.

My friend Sarah (the one with the long light blonde hair pictured above) came down to London from Loughborough just¬†for my birthday which was incredible, I hadn’t seen her in six years! I know her from the time I lived in Australia so she’s very special to me. She and my friend Julia (the lovely lady on the far right in the picture) were so into the game, I hardly got them out of the arena at all!

I had originally planned for this to be a much more relaxed, ‘after work drinks’ kind of thing but… nope. We went all in.



We were home by about 3am (bare in mind we started at 6pm and I had a night out the night before, too!) and sunk into the sheets.

Obviously, when having friends visit from home, there’s one thing to be done: sightseeing! Luckily, my friend had been to London before (with me, actually) and we didn’t have to do the whole hog as we were feeling a little under the weather.

We then stuffed our faces with a full-on family menu from KFC, changed, got ready and went back out again!


I had booked a party package at Strawberry Moons which is located in a little alleyway off of Regent Street. As I said, I originally intended that night to be the night of getting messy and down on the dancefloor but as we somehow already did that on Friday – and being the grannys and grandpas we are – we still made the last tube home because we just couldn’t do it anymore.

Still, I can honestly say it was the BEST birthday I have ever had in my life.
Bring on this year!


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