2018: The round-up

BOY,has it been a year. I don’t think I have ever had as many changes, adventures and developments within 365 days than I did in 2018. Writing this post has really shown me what an amazing, insightful, interesting, nourishing, character-shaping and downright unbelievable year it has been, and I can truly say that I am more than ready to take all of my realisations and light-bulb-moments into 2019.


I came back from Spain in early January, determined to move to Manchester as soon as possible. Later that month, I went up North for a week to check out the city and go for a few viewings.

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Still determined to move to Manchester, I went up two more times, fell in love with the city more but was very unlucky in the search for a flatshare. My dad, whose circumstances luckily allowed it at the time, offered to move to Manchester with me so that I could be there whilst I looked for a place (short term, may I add), rather than having to go up from Eastbourne all the time. I also got my ‘Alice in Wonderland’ tattoo done by the amazing Gee Hawkes, which remains my most complimented tattoo to date!

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I handed in my four-week-notice in Eastbourne, started selling furniture and other little bits, and deep down thought, “Can I be arsed to look for a flatshare straight away?” I was annoyed from various experiences in the past, was fed up with multiple aspects of my life, and whilst I was watching YouTube one night (I believe it was a vlog from Cape Town by Ben Brown), I mentioned the idea of going travelling to my dad for the first time. Who knew what would come of that?

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After announcing that I had just moved to Manchester, life got a bit more quiet. I went to see Jeremy Loops at Gorilla, which was one of the best evenings of my life (despite a whole lot of anxiety beforehand as I went by myself), it was my dad’s birthday and I spontaneously got tattooed by the lovely Vera. My dad and I also talked about the whole travel idea a lot, and I secured two new clients for my freelance business who I still work with today!


The itinerary was done, the bookings made, the visas applied for: We were going on a world trip! I popped over to Germany for a quick visit as one of my oldest friends got married, worked a lot and kept organising everything for our upcoming three-month-trip of a lifetime.


June started with two amazing gigs: Newton Faulkner and The Rolling Stones, on two consecutive nights, no less! We brought most of our belongings into a storage unit in mid-June, and on the 27th, we hopped on a train down to London where we stayed in a hotel for one night before boarding a plane to Cairo on the 28th. The world trip had begun!

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July marked the first full month of our travels, which would take far too long to recap in detail. In that month, we were in Egypt (Cairo), the UAE (Dubai), Sri Lanka (Colombo) and Australia (Perth & Brisbane).

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The beginning of August saw the last couple of days in Australia before we headed to the USA: Hawaii, California and New York were on the cards. We also made some last minute changes to our itinerary, so we ended up in Europe a lot sooner than we had originally planned to. By the end of the month, we were in Madrid.

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We were in Spain for the entirety of the month, first in Madrid and then in a little village near Málaga. I went back to working almost full-time hours and made September the most profitable month of my freelance business since I started!

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We returned from our amazing travel trip and reality hit me like a ton of bricks. The first couple of weeks back in England were spent sorting, planning and doing, and whilst it’s brought me forward step by step, it was also hugely challenging at times. I also got a new piercing (number eight in my ears), turned 28 (what’s that all about?!) and landed a few new projects for my business, which are all very exciting!

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In November, I finally managed to secure a new place to live, which was a huge relief. I’d found a gorgeous room in a flatshare, spacious and with my own ensuite, in a leafy area with lots of cafes, bars and restaurants. Other than that, I worked a lot and spent another few weeks sorting, planning and doing. October and November really were a busy, busy time.

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December started on the icy cold island of Iceland, which was going to be our final travel adventure of the year. We spent 10 days in Reykjavík and it was truly one of the most amazing places I’ve ever visited. After that, the moving preparations began: I bought new furniture, had the carpet in my room professionally cleaned, had the furniture delivered and assembled, and at least tried to wind down a little bit for Christmas. December was also my most post-heavy month on the blog, thanks to #LKXmas!

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Thank you to everyone who’s read a post this year, followed me on social media or sent me a message. The blog turns five next year, so it’s time to switch things up a bit, don’t you think?

’til next year x


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