The book I re-read every Christmas.

You know how sometimes, you stumble upon something unexpectedly and it becomes your new favourite? It can be a jumper, a musician or a book; and it sticks with your for years to come.

A few years ago, it must be at least three to four, I was stranded at a train station in Germany and was browsing a local book shop. They had a small selection of English books, all of which were discounted, and there was one that caught my eye. It might have been the beautiful cover design or the fact that the title includes the word ‘Christmas’ but I picked it up quicker than you can say mince pie. I’ve read it every year since, sometimes multiple times.

Carol Matthews’ “With love at Christmas” is a beautiful book. It’s not crazy eventful. There is no mystery, no crime, no tension – but it is heartwarming, comforting and will tuck on your heartstrings more than once as you follow Christmas enthusiast Juliet Joyce and her a little less enthusiastic but chaotic family. Will she prevent everything from spiralling out of control and make this Christmas a special one?

It’s the perfect read for the festive period; snuggled up with a cuppa, the fairylights on the Christmas tree twinkling in the background and a mince pie, a homemade biscuit or a tin of Heroes next to you.

’til next time x