Let’s stop worrying about numbers.

The numbers after the £/$/€ sign in your bank account. The numbers that translate to a weight showing on the scales when you step on them. The amount of candles on your birthday cake. The combination of digits as you check your watch.


We are constantly controlled by numbers, and I think it’s time we stopped.

Now, before you declare me to be some delusional person who thinks money and time mean nothing in today’s society – let me stop you right there. I am well aware of the importance of money in order to be a functioning human being who pays rent and affords food and needs their numerous coffees, and I am also aware of the advantages of time and how it makes our daily lives run smoother (although I am still convinced that any public transport system has different ideas of time because they are never on it).

What I’m saying is: It’s not all about the numbers.

At the end of your life, when you lie on your metaphorical or literal death bed, what do you think you will remember as the best parts of your life?

Will you think, “I’m glad I always saved my money and kept a nice big batch on my bank account at all times. I’m glad I didn’t buy that tacky Christmas jumper; glad I didn’t go out with my friends and particularly glad I didn’t go away for my birthday as I had always wanted to” ?

Will you think, “Phew, if there’s one thing I did right in my life, it’s keeping my weight low and never eating cake with my friends and family” ?

Will you think, “Man, I sure am happy that I never got out of my routine and always stuck to a plan. Breakfast at 8am, lunch at 1pm, dinner at 6pm. Made my life so much easier” ?

Spoiler: I don’t think you will.

You will remember the times you lived, the coffee dates with friends, the dinner dates with lovers, the Sunday roasts with family. The trip of a lifetime with your best mate, those nights out that turned into mornings and you will laugh at all the silly clothes you bought when you try to explain to your grandchildren that yes, culottes were a thing in 2017.

So here’s to being less focused on numbers and more focused on memories. On the good times with the ones we love most, on the delicious food that keeps us full and happy and on breaking out of our habits every once in a while.

’til next time x