My favourite blogs at the moment.

I’m not going to lie, I had fallen out of love with the blogging world a little bit. Nothing seemed to inspire me anymore; all content across social media, whether that’s blog posts or Instagram, seemed the same and it left me feeling a bit flat and helpless. However, over the last few weeks, I’ve been reading a lot more blogs again and have also (re-)discovered some old and new favourites, which I wanted to share with you!


Hannah Gale

Ok, this one is no surprise to anyone, I’m sure. Hannah is still the queen of the blogging world for me, there’s not one post that I don’t click on or enjoy reading. Even her pregnancy content, which, at this point, is not relevant to me or my immediate future, is interesting to follow because, well, 1) I love Hannah and 2) she still makes the posts sound like her instead of some crazy mum-to-be who can’t seem to think about anything else apart from nappies or push chairs anymore. So, yes, Hannah is and will always be one of my favourite blogs out there. I also won her birthday giveaway 2015, so that was pretty cool.

Recent favourites include: ‘Who will I be once I become a mum?‘ and ‘11 fashion and beauty tips I wish I’d known sooner‘.


From Roses

I’ve been reading Rebecca’s blog for absolutely ages and I still enjoy it just as much as I did when I first started following her. What I particularly love about From Roses is the variety of posts; from lifestyle to beauty to fashion, it’s all there. The posts have a great length, they’re easy to read but aren’t too long, which I sometimes find off-putting. Plus her photography is fantastic!

Recent favourites include: ‘In defence of being a homebody, a lone wolf and enjoying time by yourself’ and ‘All the style pieces you really need to keep warm this winter’


Chloe Plumstead

A relatively recent discovery for me is Chloe’s blog. I’d known of her for a while but properly discovered her through various appearances and mentions on Hannah’s social media accounts. Chloe has an incredible writing style, which makes her posts so enjoyable to read whilst at the same time being informative. Her personality shows in every post, which, much like with Hannah, I love the most.

Recent favourites include: ‘5 cock ups which prove I don’t have my life together’ and ‘The weird shit we say in emails & what we really mean when we say them’


Grace Victory

Oh, Grace. Where do I start? Grace is someone I am glad younger girls have to look up to. She’s very open and honest about her journey through mental health issues and trauma whilst promoting body positivity and the road to acceptance. She is the role model younger girls need to show that you are just as worthy of love and a happy life as any other person, whether you’re big, small, tall, short or of colour.

Recent favourites include: ‘Where I like to shop, why and what for’ and ‘An open letter to my therapist’


Vix Meldrew

I had the pleasure of meeting Vix a few months ago and can honestly say that she’s such a sweet person. What I love most about her blog is the honesty, the raw words and relatable topics as well as the impeccable balance between wit and seriousness. She’s very open about her struggles with the blogging world as well as suffering with mental health problems, whilst at the same time publishing hilarious posts about the ups and downs of dating (which, lucky for her, she doesn’t have to endure anymore now!).

Recent favourites include: ‘Paris in 24 hours’ and ‘Things we discuss over dinner’


One Pleasant Day

*side note: At the time of publishing this, OPD seems to be offline for a while due to refurbishment – I’ll update this once it’s back on, but it remains a firm favourite nonetheless!

Carrie wins at making me feel incredibly cosy with every single post. Her Instagram comes to life in autumn and will make you feel comfortable and content even if you’re shivering in the cold at a bus stop. But it’s not only her three-row-grid, it’s also her posts which just give a feeling of cosyness and comfort. They make you want to make a cup of coffee, put your fluffy socks on and snuggle up on the sofa, reading her blog.

Recent favourites include: ‘Pumpkin spice and everything nice (in the UK)’ and ‘Things making me smile #6’


These are my current favourites – which are yours?

’til next time x