What even is my career?

With the promise of including more career-based posts into this blog, I should probably give you an insight into what it is that I am doing. I don’t think I have ever really spoken about my job on here, mostly because up until now, I didn’t really identify with what I was doing. In hindsight, I realise that I never spoke to anyone about what I was doing – neither online nor in real life – because I was afraid of what it would make me look like. It sounds very dramatic, I know, but the fear of being put into a category which I knew I didn’t belong to scared me.

Let me give you a very brief rundown of what I was up to until June 2017 and then continue with what it is I’m doing now.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in English Linguistics and Literature in October 2015, I continued working my three jobs as a tutor. I worked at my university as a tutor for first year students in English Linguistics and had two jobs working with pupils in years one to twelve in English and German.

Having always wanted to move back to London, it was my dad who encouraged me to email my former boss and ask if that job offer he extended to me back in 2014 was still valid. I saw very little chances but decided to risk it nonetheless. That was in February 2016. On the 18th of May, only three months later, I boarded a plane to London.

For a year, I worked as an Executive Assistant to the CEO of a high-end eyewear company. I learned an awful lot of very valuable things – not only about the job world itself but also about myself, how I work and how I like to work. I made some great memories and got to do a lot of cool stuff, like meeting Ed Sheeran at his house in London.

But since the start of 2017, everything had changed. I was unhappier by the day and didn’t perform as well as I knew I could and had done in the past. I was signed off work a lot, went on medication for anxiety and insomnia and was diagnosed with depression. Something had to change.

I quit my job in May and moved to Brighton on the 10th of June. For nearly a year, I had said that I would like to ‘eventually’ move to my happy place, where, towards the end of my time in London, I would spend nearly every weekend. Within a day I had found a lovely flatshare and felt more at home than I had ever done in London in those past 13 months. It all seemed to go well.

My original plan was to look for part-time employment and part-time build my freelance business as a writer. To put a long story short, 100 unsuccessful applications later, I realised that I wouldn’t get a part-time job any time soon. But fate was on my side and I managed to land two clients which, for the time being, kept me busy enough to work full-time on projects and earn a good amount of money.

And here I am today. I’m a freelance writer, working for clients on a variety of projects. As part of that change in career, I wanted to give the blog an overhaul and make it part of who I am as a writer, a career girl and a woman who’s grown in character over the past few months.

I hope you’re as excited as I am for this next chapter. There’s lots of great content coming your way!

‘til then x