I’m not one for New Years Resolutions or the ever so popular “New Year, New Me” thing but with 2014 being a rather hilly one, I thought I’d keep some thoughts and goals in mind which I would quite like to achieve next year.

Finish my degree: 2015 marks the final year at uni for me and I hope to do really well in my last exams and my bachelor thesis so that by the time summer comes ’round I can call myself Bachelor of Arts!

Find a job: I have always liked earning my own money and being able to afford things of which I can proudly say that I worked for them! This semester I have so many classes that I couldn’t squeeze a job in but from February onwards it’ll hopefully be a little easier. I would quite like to find a job which will give me experience in a field I might want to work in after my degree so that will be the main challenge.

Meet new people: This year I had to face the challenge of accepting that people move on and friendships break without being able to do anything about it, so I hope to meet some new people next year and maybe build a new friendship or two 🙂

Improve the blog & branch out into the world of YouTube: I have been thinking about a YouTube channel for months now but I have always been far too shy and insecure. However, over the past few weeks I came to the conclusion that I just need to give it a chance and if it’s not for me, well then at least I tried! I also want to improve this little corner of the internet here and keep putting more effort into it.

Be more aware of my capabilities: I am the type of person who constantly undermines themselves and would rather be modest than anything else but I really need to learn to be aware of my strengths and capabilities and stop focusing on my weaknesses and what I cannot do so much.

Less pressure!: Going hand in hand with my last point, I am the queen of putting myself under pressure. Funnily enough, neither my parents nor my boyfriend put any pressure on me regarding my career or general choices whatsoever, however I seem to put such hard pressure on myself that I regularly collapse under. Next year I really need to take a step back and try to incorporate less stress into my life.

More decisions, more strictness: This might sound negative at first but hear me out! I used to be such a strict person – if anyone ever did one thing wrong to me, I’d cut them out of my life. Eventually, I realised this is not a very good characteristic and became the complete opposite. I never tell anyone off and need to find a balance that works for me because more than enough have I had disadvantages from being so weak & friendly towards people that I really need to speak my mind more often!


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