KIKO Automatic Precision Eyeliner & Kôhl

I've known Kiko for quite a while now.

One of my friends introduced me to it a good few years back but I never really got into it. I have tried their Full Coverage Concealer (7,90€ / GBP 7.90 ) which simply creased heavily under my eyes - this might also be due to the fact that I have the most dry and wrinkly under eye area on this planet. I also own one of their nail polishes (which is very bright and to this day I am not sure why I bought it) and their face brush no. 106 (12,90€ / GBP 14.90) but neither really convinced me.

Recently I have had a little snoop around my make up stash. Although I do not own a lot of make up (some 'make up storage' videos on YouTube literally blow my mind), there are some bits and pieces which are just laying around, unnoticed on a daily basis. I had used the Maybelline Expression Kajal eyeliners for months but their staying power is very weak on my eyes. I then found two Kiko ones laying around and thought I'd give them another go. And damn, was I impressed!

Kiko Automatic Precision Eyeliner & Khôl

I own two of them. Number 713 is a lovely medium brown shade and 716 is a deep black. I include them in my make up routine basically every single day - I use the black to tightline my upper, inner lash line and give my lashes a fuller effect. The brown shade looks lovely on the lower waterline and gives your eyes a smokey effect while not being as harsh as black.

They are retractable and last a really long time. They glide on smoothly and last for a good few hours without smudging or disappearing which is just an absolute dream! They even come with a little spongey bit at the end so if you wanted, you could use them as an eyeliner, too and then create a lovely smudged, smokey look!

I am more curious about Kiko now and very tempted to try some more of their products!
Which products from them are you loving?



  1. Seht toller Post! Ich liebe die Produkte von Kiko!

    Lg Katharina

    1. Vielen Dank! Hast du Favoriten, die ich mal ausprobieren sollte? Ich bin bei Kiko immer noch so skeptisch, aber viele lieben die Produkte total! :)


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