Out of 13 ways to success, 12 are too far.

In many aspects, I am not who I used to be. A normal development, for no one is the same person they were a year, a month, a day ago. Life shapes us like water does with rocks; the synergy of time and the ever changing curve of life.


Success / failure / insecurities

The first love / the last love

The first breakup / the worst breakup

It all takes away or adds

And then sometimes, as I walk along the path that remains, I find a hidden treasure. Buried in the ground, covered in dirt and sand. I dig deep, wiping away what’s been burying the box for what I can only imagine must be forever.

What I reveal is myself.
Characteristics and personality traits I believed to be long gone; to have been gradually swept away by the rough tides that made so much chip away. And I realise – it has never been taken away irretrievably.

I had simply spent too much time with someone who was too trained in taking away who I was; to make me a dependant shadow of myself. Who split my soul into pieces and never told me where they hid them.

It has been 528 days.
2017 will be the year I find them all, and they will fit like a puzzle I thought I couldn’t finish.


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