11 reasons why autumn is the best season of them all.

HAPPY AUTUMN. Welcome to my favourite season of the year. I feel like I’m doing some bizarre reverse hibernating and tend to let summer pass without giving it much notice but autumn is where I really come to life. Here’s why.


  1. Spending time outside is actually nice. Yes, it might be chilly and a light breeze is blowing – especially by the seaside – but I can put layers on, wrap an oversized scarf around my neck and my fingers around a cup of coffee. But if it’s scorching hot, there’s only so many layers I can take off until I am inappropriately dressed in public or, well, naked in my own flat whilst the sweat is still dripping from my back.
  2. Makeup is fun again! No one wants layers of beauty products on their face when they melt off your face the second you open your front door. In autumn, the beauty drawer can be opened again and doesn’t have to be stared at longingly. The beauty world is your oyster! Smokey eyes and nude lips, winged liner and red lips, gold eyes and berry lips – it’s all there, for you to choose, and it will STAY on your FACE!
  3. Autumn fashion. Don’t even try to tell me that layers are not the best way to dress. I’m by no means a fashion icon but I would choose jeans, an oversized jumper and ankle boots over a short dress and sandals any day. I love to layer different tops and get snuggly as and when needed. Even thinking about it makes my heart beat a bit faster. Jumpers, tights, ankle boots, cardigans, bobble hats, scarves… oh sweet, sweet autumn fashion.
  4. Pies and soups. And the fact that it’s actually nice to eat again. In summer, I’m never hungry, nothing tastes nice (lettuce makes my belly bloat to ‘six months pregnant’ size, I’m not even joking) and who wants fruit salads all day every day, anyway? Pies and soups and potatoes, on the other hand, yes, please.
  5. Baking season! This just deserves its own mention because oh sweet smell of freshly baked cake, how have I missed you. Sundays are best spent baking a nice batch of cupcakes to enjoy with a cup of tea in the afternoon and with a cup of coffee on a Monday morning. It just makes every week worth starting. I’m also very happy that the Bake Off is still enjoyable to watch because it makes autumn 173 times better.
  6. Fairylights and scented candles. I mean, does anything make you feel cosier than being wrapped up in a blanket with a cup of coffee, hot chocolate or tea, watching a film, having fairylights twinkle and autumn candles flicker? Yeah, exactly.
  7. Crisp mornings. The ones where the chilly air wakes you up, makes you snuggle into your scarf and pull your bobble hat down a little bit more.
  8. Leaves and pumpkins. And everything else that’s orange, red and brown! There’s something about the combination of these colours that’s just so comforting. And yes, I do love a good seasonal drink, including Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Judge me.
  9. Lit up houses whilst it’s dark outside. Isn’t there something magical about illuminated windows whilst it’s dark outside? Knowing that there are families, couples and friends sitting together in a warm living room, sharing a meal and laughter?
  10. The smell of chimneys. Because not only does that mean that autumn is here but also Christmas is coming! There’s something so comforting about the smell of chimneys when you walk down the streets wrapped up in a big coat.
  11. Halloween. Need I say more? I am partial to some seasonal decor and although I am very easily scared, I don’t mind scary(-ish) films so much on Halloween. There’s also Hocus Pocus and the mother of all transitional films, The Nightmare Before Christmas, which must be watched as the clock turns midnight because it’s essentially Christmas once it’s the 1st of November, isn’t it?


Let’s make this season the best one yet!

’til next time x




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