10 things I’m excited for this autumn






As I mentioned in my 50 facts about me post, I think I’m starting to narrow my favourite season down to autumn – at least I get more excited for it every year, so maybe that’s a sign. These lists keep popping up left, right and centre, because everyone in the blogsphere seems to share my excitement, so I couldn’t hold it back anymore either…

1. Dark nail polishes. I mentioned before that I prefer dark nail polish over bright ones any day, but this summer I really made an effort to branch out of my comfort zone and I wore bright blues & oranges. It was fun, but now I’m back to where I belong!

2. Crisp, frosty mornings. That crisp morning air that wakes you up and makes you snuggle into your scarf, mmmmhh.

3. Autumn leaves. Oranges and browns everywheeeeere! Piles of leaves to jump into! (Or, you know, slip on)

4. Boots, scarves, wooly jumpers – and all the other cosy clothing you can possibly fit on your body at any one time.

5. Baking. I’m determined to finally stick to my ‘resolution’ and bake a lot more this autumn. I love it, and so far, nothing has gone majorly wrong, so why not practise some more!

6. Hot drinks all day long. Tea, hot chocolate, and those sweet, sweet seasonal drinks at Starbucks (still sad that Costa is not available in Germany *cry*)…

7. Pumpkin everything! …I’m not necessarily a fan of PSLs though (in fact, I really don’t like them) but I’ll happily put pumpkin anywhere else: muffins, soup, decoration, phone wallpapers… well, anywhere, really.

8. Hot soup. What’s better than a hot soup after a cold, long day? You’re right: nothing.

9. Cosy decorations – fairy lights, candles (autumn candle scents, guys!!), blankets… pumpkin decorations… ohhh my heart flutters.

10. The run-up to Christmas begins and I still feel like a child in that sense – I can hardly contain my excitement from about August onwards, but Autumn is finally a somewhat appropriate time to get excited. And once the Coca Cola ads come on, I’m just done.



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